About MCSM

MCSM is the key point of PRAYAS; Prayas is the working in socio & economic reforms sector in rural areas. From 8 years in this chain. MCSM is working to literate in rural areas people. From the stand point of society, one of the most urgent purposes of education is to facilitate social and economic development. MCSM is the source of power to refurenate the social and personal technological knowledge. It will fulfill the lackless of social awareness of people. MCSM is the only organization in India, created with a vision to educate people in industry environment. MCSM is committed to provide intrinsic quality education, training and expertise to enhance the inartistic abilities of the student and promote their skills.
MCSM is committed to educate computer knowledge in rural areas to develop their skills and fulfill for employment.

Abdul Kalam scholarship scheme Launched from Oct-15 | “Saksham“ a Computer literacy programme Scheme Launched from 2-Oct-2015 | Affiliation scheme for training partner

Contact Us

Head Office
67A/2 Chandel Market, Kalyanpur, Kanpur
(+91) 09415955940, (+91) 09807702361

Delhi Office
G-795 Mangalpuri, New Delhi - 110083
(+91) 09891052026
Reginal Office
1. Literacy Cottage Hanumantpuram, Raibareli - 229001
2. (Station Road Raibareli) Near Mansha Devi Mandir
(+91) 09125422171, (+91) 09415190774